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Honey-Do Honey

We offer liquid honey in a variety of sizes and amounts, ranging from 500g to 1kg. It is also available in both glass and plastic squeeze containers.

Honey-Do Creamed Honey

Try our flavoured honey for a unique honey experience! Our creamed honey products are available in regular, cinnamon, lemon and blueberry flavours. They all taste great on toast, as well as in coffee or tea.

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We offer fundraising opportunities for both schools and charities. In our fundraiser, we offer two different sizes of liquid honey: 750g and 500g. We also sell a variety of creamed honey. It is sold in 500g jars and comes in 4 different flavour choices: regular, blueberry, lemon and cinnamon. Schools who have partnered with us for fundraisers tell us they are very happy with both the funds raised and the very little amount of work required on their end. If you are interested in doing a school or charity fundraiser with us, please contact us!


Liquid honey 500g and 750g Liquid Honey 500g