Canning and Preserving with Honey

Canning with Honey: mild flavoured Ontario honey may be used as a substitute for sugar when canning fruit.

Light Syrup = 1 cup Ontario Honey + 3 cups boiling water

Medium Syrup = 1 cup Ontario Honey + 2 cup boiling water

Freezing with Honey: fruit can be successfully frozen in a mild flavoured honey syrup. To enhance the fruit’s natural flavour and colour, only the mildest flavoured honey should be used. The prepared fruit is placed directly into freezer containers and covered with one of the following appropriate well chilled syrups.

Light Syrup = 1 cup Ontario honey + 3 cups very hot water

Medium Syrup = 2 cups Ontario honey + 3 cups very hot water

Leave head space for expansion. Crumple a piece of waxed paper and leave on top to keep the fruit under the syrup. Seal, date and freeze.

Fruit may also be frozen, without the use of syrup, by drizzling honey over the prepared fruit which has been previously placed in freezer containers.

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