Indulge in 100% raw Ontario honey, and reap the benefits.

Honey-Do Honey began as a small hobby farm, first established by a retired farmer who had a love for bees. In 2013, Andre & Kathy Soetemans purchased the business, expanding its areas of both production and honey sales. We now have 400 plus beehives located in the Forest area, and all within 10km of our residence. All of our products are unpasteurized, and offer all the excellent health benefits that go along with eating unpasteurized honey!

We wholesale bottled honey products in over 40 stores, covering the area from Chatham to London, and we are looking to continue expanding further in southwestern Ontario. If you are a successful retailer who would be interested in carrying our products, please contact us!

Honey-Do Honey
6418 Birnam Line, Warwick, ON N0N 1J4
Email: [email protected]
Orders: 519-333-8858 | General Inquiries: 519-333-8002

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