Jams and Jellies with Honey

Ontario honey may be substituted for sugar in most jam and jelly recipes. If a recipe calls for 4 cups sugar, use 2 cups honey. Cook the jam or jelly slightly longer than time stated in recipe using sugar. When substituting honey, use a commercial liquid or powdered pectin. The consistency of the jam or jelly will be somewhat softer.

Storing Honey

Store honey at room temperature in a dry place. Honey is hydroscopic and can easily reabsorb moisture and aromas from the air. Always keep honey covered tightly to retain its distinct flavour and aroma, and to protect it from moisture absorption.

If storage area is very warm (above 80 degrees F.), creamed honey will retain its texture better if refrigerated. Honey may be stored in the freezer, if well sealed, without any change in flavour or texture.

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